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What I Do

Teaching on Finances

Financial Counseling

Conference Sessions

Pastors Conferences
Speaking and teaching sessions aimed to encourage and coach pastors in the area of preaching the biblical principles of money in their pulpits, help with their own personal finances, and saving for their later years.

Couples Retreats
Helpful and humorous sessions to guide couples in learning biblical principles of money, getting on the “same page” financially, understanding each other better, and replacing stress with joy – worry with peace.

Men’s Leadership Meetings
Sessions include God’s Solutions to Struggles, Abundant Living in a Materialistic World, Christians Conquering Credit, Money Myths Busted, and Leading your Family in Honoring the Lord.

One Night Lesson
Money- The Heart of the Matter

Two Night Session
Personal Finance-God’s Way and Money- The Heart of the Matter


Mid-Week Service Series
A Series that progresses from 

God’s Ownership,

Our Stewardship, to Rewards and an Eternal Perspective
(13 lessons to choose from)

Sessions for Teens and College Students

On Church Finances

Pastor’s Finances

Church member individual counseling

About Me

Counselling and guiding individuals and families since 1999, Tim began to be burdened as he observed so many Christians experience the same financial struggles (consumer debt, arguing/divorce over money issues) as non-Christians and the question that burned in his heart was, “We all have God’s Word and His principles, what are we missing?” This began a deep and continued dive into God’s Word, learning His promises, provisions and principles.

Tim began his teaching and preaching ministry in 2011 with his first message being taught in El Salvador. When asked by a church member before speaking, “Why are you teaching about money in one of the poorest countries in Central America?’ Tim replied, “God’s principles and promises apply to all His children, regardless of the number of digits before the decimal point.”

It is Tim’s passion to point the hearts of Christians heavenward, in this area of finances. He has had the privilege of teaching in churches across the nation, as well as teaching at Conferences internationally.

Tim holds a Bachelor's Degree in Bible and is a financial fiduciary, being licensed as a Registered Investment Advisor Rep since 2008. He is the author of Faith and Finances: Eternal Promises for Today's Resources (Fe Y Finanzas en español)Multiply: What the Bible teaches About Saving, Investing , and Planning for Your Future, Bible Steps: A Pathway to God's Financial Promises and Peace, and Against the Grain: Avoiding the Financial Pitfalls of Conventional Wisdom.

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